Oct 07 2015

Can’t believe his luck

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Wouldn’t it be great if you could have the body you had when you were younger, either that, or the body of someone else? gaypornstarstube.xxx has filmed another excellent fantasy episode for you for ‘Str8 To Gay’, starring Adam Bryant, Adam Killian and Brenner Bolton.

The story so far: A man has got fed up, he has got older and his body out of shape to what it had used to be. He feels down about it as everywhere he goes, it’s like he is invisible. No one seems to want him anymore. He goes home one day feeling particularly despondent and as he looks into his mirror he wished he could have the same body as his sexy straight neighbour Adam Bryant. When he wakes up in the morning and looks in the mirror, he can’t believe his luck; he really has changed into Adam Bryant. His body had turned muscular, he looks good and his cock had grown an inch and is rock hard the first time in years. He made full use of his new body and ended up fucking Killian, another one of his good looking neighbours.
In this thrilling hardcore episode Adam phones up his fuck buddy, Brenner Bolton, and tells him about Adam Bryant and how he has told him his girlfriend is out of town. He tells Brenner that he has invited him around later that day and for him to get his ass around as quick as possible. Brenner is off the phone and running before Adam has finished the call. They lay naked on the bed and stroking their hard dicks waiting for Adam to turn up.

Jun 18 2015

Chef’s Delight

An announcement from the master, Adam Killian marks the start of the scene. Adam requests the park to remain loyal in order to survive in the new coming era. A sexy part immediately follows the quick nicely shot announcement. Shirtless and ready Trent Diesel and Gabriel Clark are already there. Adam is also there and as soon as he shows his loyalty to the two they also start submitting to him. It is impartially a ritualistic scene as both guys go on their knees and start worshiping Adam’s body.

The scene is played in a wild jungle setting, something similar to survivor or out in the jungle. The setting is particularly suitable for animalistic behavior which the three models will show us later in the scene. Trent Diesel goes down on two cocks at once and what started as worshiping and touching becomes cock worship. The two guys share the pleasure received and given which then leads to ass licking. A fascinating threesome anal follows with deep breathing and whispered word which almost form a rhythm. The whispered words are voiced louder as the hardcore pounds on building a crescendo. Gabriel Clark kisses and rims Killian has the animal instinct starts revealing itself, Trent Diesel fucks the master, as the master jerks his dick to give him pleasure.

The three are building to climax, they move and swap their positions to perfect the moment, which results into Adam coming first. He is then followed by his two devotees Gabriel Clark and Trent Diesel who shot their load on Adam’s outstretched hands. The cum seals the group together.

May 27 2015

You Can Look But You Can’t Touch

Drill My Hole’ love a bit of ginger and, thanks to gaypornstarstube.xxx/, they can have all the ginger they want via ‘Ginger’ a series starring Adam Killian and Kyle Quinn.
Adam is addicted to anybody with ginger hair; it’s his fantasy, his reality, and his dreams all rolled into one. If he sees a ginger man out in the street, he will follow him in the hope of getting a hold of his ginger cock and having it in his mouth. He will even follow someone for days until he gets what he wants. When he hasn’t got a ginger cock, which is very rarely, he’s dreaming of one and stroking on his own cock and finger-fucking himself, imaging it to be a ginger dick ramming his tight asshole.
Killian is a versatile young man with a small designer beard and a cute unblemished face. He has a seven inch cut dick which seems to be permanently hard. He has short brown hair and brown, puppy dog eyes. Adam is five foot eight inches tall, weighs 165 pounds and has a firm tight asshole. He has starred in nineteen hardcore flicks with gaypornstarstube.xxx since February 2014, and his first movie with them was ‘Valentine For Rent’ which also starred Tommy Defendi and has been seen by well over 26,000 horny men.
Kyle Quinn has been around the porn industry for a couple of years now but this is his first movie with www.gaypornstarstube.xxx. If you love a bit of ginger in your mouth, or in your ass, this is the man you will want. He has a thin body with pale skin that’s covered in ginger freckles. He is a five foot seven inch, top, young man with a six point seven inch cut dick, weighs 150 pounds and has hazel eyes.
This flick starts off with Adam lying down and stroking on his aching hard-on. He is dreaming of a ginger man rimming his tight asshole with his probing tongue. His cock jerks in the palm of his hand as his mobile phone makes a noise. It’s his ginger fuck buddy Kyle Quinn, and he wants to come round. Adam licks his lips in anticipation and replies that his door in unlocked. Cold Callaghan turns up minutes later and as he stands in the doorway, he strips his clothes off and joins Killian on the bed.

Mar 13 2015

Sloppy Seaman

Two of the top stars from Drill My Hole have been lined up to make appearances in the ongoing series “Sloppy Seaman” For starters, Adam Killian appears in the scene as a high-class hooker who organizes fantasies for many men before fucking them inside them. In part three of this series, Adam is paired up alongside Marc Dylan, who last appeared back in August in the “#Pornstar” scene. Both of these hot men are toned, fit, slightly on the hairy side, and flat-out drop-dead gorgeous. Both of these men possess hard, cut cocks, with Adam’s nine-incher in particular starting to become a true legend.
The fantasy involved in this particular scene isn’t immediately clear; however, a clue is presented in the form of the soundtrack playing at the start of the scene. We hear the playing of jazz music before seeing Adam ascend the stairs to his apartment that he uses for his various “scenarios” and carrying what appears to be party decorations straight out of the 1930s. Adam then begins dressing into a triby and a suit as the jazz music starts to become more lively in nature. Marc then arrives to look over the room, and after the music stops, the hot action begins.
Adam and Marc begin making out before Marc immediately begins servicing Adam’s hard nine-inch cock while Adam rubs his own balls at the same time. Marc then begins to suck on Adam’s balls as Adam looks down on him. Even better is the fact that all of the wall mirrors from the part two of “Fantasy” are still standing, as we get to see many reflections such as hairy ass cheeks and even face-fucking at the same time. After a while, it becomes Marc’s turn to get his hard cock sucked by Adam. The blowjob portions of this scene run for a decent length of time, and we even get to see many different angles and close-up shots.
Adam and Marc then proceed to strip off every bit of their clothing and get down to the business of Marc’s hot hole getting rimmed. Afterward, Adam proceeds to spread Marc’s ass cheeks before plunging his hard cock deep into Marc’s ass and pounding him hard, causing Marc to loudly moan. Marc is fucked in many different positions before he finally gets to shoot his hot load all over Adam’s hairy body. Adam then shoots off his load onto Marc’s hairy chest as the fantasy comes to an end, complete with confetti.

Feb 04 2015

Caught Cheating

Drill My Hole has a new series out Caught Cheating. In “Caught Cheating” – Part 1 the action begins almost right away. The film begins with Jessie Colter speaking in a voice over about how he is feeling. It seems something happened to him in the past and he is out to seek his revenge. Jessie doesn’t tell us much about his past troubles, but we hope to find out sooner or later. As Jessie strolls down the boardwalk he spies Adam Killian working out on the beach. It is immediately apparent that Jessie has issues with this dude. We don’t know what the problem is, but we do know that Jessie is ready to seek his revenge right this minute.

Jessie joins Adam and is as friendly as can be. He asks Adam why is doing yoga, and why he needs de-stressing. Adam tells Jessie that he wouldn’t understand. Jessie, understanding more than Adam thinks he does, wastes no time in undoing Adam’s pants to get at his cock. Right next to the ocean, on the warm sandy beach, Jessie gives Adam a blow-job for all to see.

Once Adam is all hot, bothered and hard as a rock, he wants a taste of dick himself. He eagerly takes Jessie’s solid six inch dick deep into his mouth, swirling his tongue in circles over the bright red tip. Adam spends a long time pleasuring Jessie’s cock, while Jessie groans with approval, again and again. Soon Jessie wants more, so he rises, turns around, and impales himself on Adam’s super long nine inch cock. As his ass stretches to accommodate the monster dick, the sounds his ass make join in the chorus of his pleasurable moans and groans.

First the guys do it in one position, then another, and another. Adam continues to pound his long dick in and out of Jessie’s lubed up ass. Soon, Adam can take no more, and shoots a ton of thick, gooey jizz all over Jessie’s back. What a work-out these two just had on the beach. Spent, they both collapse onto the ground. The last bit of the video tantalizes us with a bar scene that just might be the scene of Retribution – Part 2. We will just have to wait and see.

Jan 23 2015

Gay To Str8

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Here’s another great porn movie from top site ‘Str8 to gay.’ After sending his wife a txt saying that he had arrived at his hotel room, and that he was going to have an early night, the husband, played by Adam Killian, texts that he loves her before he phones an agency telling them how horny he is; and can they send one of the girls around to sort him out? He then goes into the shower to get cleaned up whilst he waits for some sexy temptress to come into his room.

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Adam looks great with just a towel wrapped around his smooth waist. He is very muscular, and full of tattoos. He is pretty new to ‘Str8 to Gay’ but is very memorable. Who can forget Him in ‘Corporate welcome’ as Colt Rivers sits on his eight inch dick and fucks him until he shoots his cum all over the place? And, In ‘Open Position’ he got his muscular tight ass fucked long and hard by Topher Di Maggio. These films all prove that he is a very versatile man and will remain in the industry for a long time to cum yet.
In this movie he comes out of the shower and, instead of seeing a beautiful woman sitting on his bed, he sees John Magnum. This is John Magnums first film but he is a natural born cock sucker that you would think he has been doing this all his life. He is a versatile top with brown eyes and hair, smoldering looks, a seven inch cut cock, and a tight fuckable ass.
John Magnum jumps off the bed as soon as the bearded Killian walks into the room. Killian doesn’t look too happy, and tells him he ordered a woman, not a man. ‘I’m not gay,’ he tells John. John quickly explains that his girls are busy, but if he’s willing, he is willing to please him himself. Killian tells him again that he is not gay, but John manages to talk him around by saying, ‘All you have to do is close your eyes, and I will just suck your cock.’ Killian is feeling so horny he agrees to give it a go.

He sits on the bed and rests his body by putting his hands behind him and resting them on the bed. He closes his sexy eyes. John rubs Killian’s cock through the towel at first, letting him get used to the feel. John can feel the hardness of Killian’s cock through the soft, fluffy material. He undoes the towel and begins to suck on Killian’s excited cock. Killian moans out into the room with pure lust as he feels the warm wet mouth of John suck his cock up and down straight to the base.
John Magnum takes it as a sound of encouragement and starts to kiss Adam’s hot muscular body all the way up, over his stomach, then his small brown nipples and up to his neck. He then continues to suck on his hard cock for a while before he starts to kiss Killian on his ‘straight man’s’ lips.

Killian is feeling so turned on now and doesn’t care who he fucks. He gets up, turns John Magnum around, pulls down his pants, and bends him over. He is so desperate, he doesn’t bother to lube, or even finger John’s sweet ass. He drives his cock straight up and in deep into his hot hole. The room fills with the noises of them fucking so fast that the bed begins to groan under them.
After a while they change positions, and whilst Killian is still fucking his ass hole, John Magnum comes all over his own stomach. Killian pulls his cock out of the warm hole and strokes his cock until his own pearly white cum splatters over John’s smooth wet stomach joining in with his own. Another top scene from a top site.

Jan 05 2015

Adam Killian and Edin Sol at The Gay Office

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It is not too often that a gay porn film actually starts with an amazing cum shot, but that is exactly what happens in The Shut In. This new film from The Gay Office starts out strong, with hunky hunk Adam alone at home. Adam is very busy pleasuring his own hard cock, jerking himself fast and furious. It is obvious by his sexy grunts, moans and groans, and his twitching legs that he is getting ready to let loose his load of jizz. Then the camera cuts to the outdoors and we see a well tanned and super hunky Edin Sol jogging along the street.

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The camera cuts back to Adam, who is actually beating faster as he finally lets go and shoots his load of jizz all over his own stomach. Camera then pans out to Edin, who is still enjoying his jog. Another cut back to Adam, only now he has cleaned himself up, but hasn’t covered himself. His dick still stands at attention, and Adam begins to gently play with it again. His young twink cock seems to need constant attention throughout the day.

Suddenly, Adam stops playing with himself as he decides he needs to get some air. Actually, he is secretly hoping some hunky, fit, dude will walk his way. Adam has a problem that only another guy can fulfill. Here comes Edin, jogging into view just in the nick of time. Hot, sweaty, and topless, he stops to chat and actually agrees to help Adam with his problem – before he knows what the problem is. After going inside, it doesn’t take Edin long to find out exactly what Adam’s problem is. Edin is a straight guy, and is totally floored when Adam gets on his knees and begs Edin to allow him the opportunity to suck his cock. Edin is reluctant at first, but finally gives in to the ultimate temptation of Adam’s pleas. Adam starts out slowly, sucking Edin’s cock in a gentle, soothing manner. We can see the moment Edin realizes that he is enjoying getting his dick sucked by a guy.

Soon, Edin decides to try sucking Adam’s cock in the same way his was sucked. It is always a turn-on when the straight guy gets down and dirty with a young twink. Edin does not disappoint us with his sucking abilities. Soon enough, Adam is ready to take that fat six and a half inch dick deep into his asshole. Edin obliges, and we get to see this big, dark straight dude ram his cock into Adam’s tight, pale ass. Then it is on to some hardcore anal sex, with dark and light, big and small, being the things we can’t help but notice. Faster and faster the pumping goes on, until finally Adam lets loose for the second time, and Edin pulls out and releases his own load of sticky white jizz all over Adam’s pale ass. Satisfied, I bet Adam no longer feels like a shut in.

Nov 26 2014

Adam Killian Tube

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Oct 30 2014

Sex Ed.

This is yet another big shot for Big Dicks At School despite the pressure to constantly produce the best quality of hardcore. It may sound like a lot of pressure but this company is more than capable of pulling it off on a number of occasions. In Son Swap part two, some favorite faces are coming back including Adam and Bryce Star. Killian is known for his muscled physic taking on the role of “the dad”. These combination has a similar characteristic of seven inch cocks. You can therefore be sure that this scene will be action-packed.

You will be glad to find out that you can download this scene both on to your mobile and desktop and even better, it still remains of good quality. The scene starts with Killian and a pal at a cabin in the woods. They chill out as they wait for Bryce Star and his pal so they can decide of the events of the day. Bryce Star and his pal, Johnny, soon arrive ad they head out to say hi to their “dads” at the lawn.

The first activity was to go out for a swim. Sounds perfect and it is if you are looking forward to seeing some sexy men in tight shorts and dripping wet. Bryce Star decides to take a shower and walks out to dry. This provides the perfect opportunity to showcase his physic (muscle and a lovely bubble butt). This stirs up emotions and things take a major turn.

Bryce Star then heads off to lie down. This gets Adam concerned and goes to check up on him. This coupling moment allows for some hardcore. Bryce Star is completely nude and pretty hard.Killian takes this as a signal and lies on him as his shorts take a leave. From a kiss, it grows and Adam goes down on Bryce Star and gives a well deserved suck. You can see Adam trying to make sure that the other couple is still outside.

In no time, both guys are all over each other taking turns to suck some cock. Killian takes the daddy role and takes on Bryce Star’s ass while he is still keen to keep his son out. Bryce Star gets some good screwing and the flexibility with the styles, doggy, side, top, they keep picking the pace and you can hear the groans get louder. At the climax, Killian cums on Bryce Star’s fine ass.

This is yet another mind blowing and great scene from the all time game masters at Big Dicks At School.

Aug 13 2014

Hung Americans – Part 1

Adam Killian and Tyler Wolf rise up, shaved chest and with the top button of their denim jeans unstuck. They are each powerfully built and toned. Tyler’s maximum awareness to Adam’s solid dick forces Adam’s to jerk off along with his eyes to widen and roll back in euphoria. Adam is really a animal butt professional along with the work of his mouth, spit and fingertips upon Tyler’s gap produce Tyler squirm and groan just before giving up his astonishing bottom to Adam to get a powerful shag. Both of them erupt in complete physical perspiration. Once Tyler begins to cum, Adam grabs the cum in his palm and makes him eat it, which includes a added bonus offering on his very own large load.