Hung Americans – Part 1

Adam Killian and Tyler Wolf rise up, shaved chest and with the top button of their denim jeans unstuck. They are each powerfully built and toned. Tyler’s maximum awareness to Adam’s solid dick forces Adam’s to jerk off along with his eyes to widen and roll back in euphoria. Adam is really a animal butt professional along with the work of his mouth, spit and fingertips upon Tyler’s gap produce Tyler squirm and groan just before giving up his astonishing bottom to Adam to get a powerful shag. Both of them erupt in complete physical perspiration. Once Tyler begins to cum, Adam grabs the cum in his palm and makes him eat it, which includes a added bonus offering on his very own large load.

Adam Killian in Uniform fucking Spencer Reed

Whilst the arrival of COLT men for the new uniform calendar of the same name begin to arrive, the production team from COLT take some time out to interview the muscled and nearly naked Adam Killian. He shares with the producers some of his hottest and steamiest fantasies, whilst the team work on Spencer Reeds photo shoot in the background.

Cut to a posing Adam standing in close up view wearing fine marine attire. Spencer’s hand then appears, covered in a delicate white glove, slowly and seductively undoing each of the brass buttons on Adam’s pristine shirt. Eyes lock between the pair and Spencer leans towards Adam and locks him in a lip on lip moment. Moving his attentions to the huge and manly bulge in Adam’s trousers, Spencer turns his lips to his hard and meaty dick, giving it some real marine style attention.

The men then take it in turns to pleasure each other with their mouths until Adam takes a queue to bend Spencer over a foot locker that is in long range view. Using some lube to really relax Spencer’s throbbing man hole he plunges in deep with his large and wide cock, giving him a thorough pounding. Still in uniform, Spencer can’t give enough cock to Adam, Adam’s hole welcoming every inch he gives. After a while, Adam invites Spencer to fuc* him hard asking him if he wants some ass. Spencer is hot and horny and cannot wait to pound his cock inside, exclaiming “fuc* of course!” The two quickly change position and continue to pound each other in this hot and horny butt fuc*in fest! After a few dips in each others deep and lubricated man holes, they are ready to explode. Spencer lifts his cock above Adams back and stroking hard and fast he gushes his load of cum all up his back. Adam turns on Spencer, fuc*ing him harder and faster than ever before, pulling out right at the end to allow his juices to gush all over Spencer muscled form. Spencer wants to know just how good Adam’s cum tastes, picking up every last drop and licking his fingers clean.

Adam Killian at Colt Studio Group

Big cock gay orgy with Adam Killian and friends

Is the 5 confidential dicks that come into the cell and orally gang bang him genuine or perhaps could they be figments of his own creative imagination? (the giant penises belong to their invisible managers: Josh West, Adam Killian, Tommy Defendi, Angel Rock and Luke Milan) Whether this particular facial bukkake occurs or not, Trenton’s stunned state finishes along with his entire face covered with five loads, and him eventually discharging a large load of his own.


Adam Killian and Edin Sol at the Gay Office

Having a drink and a game of pool after work provided the best way to obtain a amazing connection in between Adam Killian and Edin Sol. The body is truly sexy and once Adam kneels and licks in the massive hard-on he moans during the taste session. Looking for a lot more he guides sexy and horny Edin on to a desk and places the lips wonderfully to be able to dive his very own hard cock deep inside Edin’s throat. The dudes return towards the office just where Edin give up his tight butt for Adam’s fantastic hard tool. As soon as Edin senses his golf balls raise up he retracts and moves Killian over, splitting open the plaid top to show a shaven and nicely toned upper body and nipples hard.

Str8 To Gay with Adam Killian

Adam’s got a problem; his GF is pissed off and he’s promised to make things better. And the way to her heart is through his kitchen. Trouble is: he’s lousy in that department. Calling on tattooed jock and best mate Trent for advice, the guys get to work on some basics. The trouble now is: Trent has other things on his mind than feeding Adam’s GF; in fact, Adam has something Trent would like to feed on. A couple of quick touch-ups and horny Adam is as stiff as salami.

Trent wastes no time in releasing that eight inch cut cock and gobbling it hungrily down his throat, and his expert cock-sucking is soon rewarded. Adam’s gotten too curios by now and wants to taste some of that man meat flavour for himself. It’s forbidden fruit to a straight guy but he’s hungry. He’s soon got Trent backwards over the work surface, his seven inch cut cock his first taste of another man. But there’s more to cooking than tasting and before long Adam’s mighty meat is raging hard out of his boxers and deep into Trent’s ass.

The guys strip down, muscles and tattoos on show, stiff dick in tight willing ass, and the heat is really on the kitchen. Adam fucks Trent every which way he can for well over ten mines. Trent rides that cock on the dining table, pleasuring himself while giving his best mate the time of his life. Adam fucks harder and harder until Trent boils over, his whipped cream splattering the hunk’s chest and sending Adam into an orgy of orgasm that leaves him totally dizzy, diced and drained. Cooking has never been so hot.

Adam Killian with Trenton Ducati

Pornstar studs Adam Killian and Trenton Ducati bang one another within the most recent Str8 To Gay online video “A Ring On My Finger“. Trenton is simply not just enthusiastic about his girl friend…he attempted to get her to put a finger or two in his tight butt, but she actually is definitely not prepared to try something totally new. After Trenton informs this to his gay partner, Adam says “Occasionally it’s sweet to be gay”. Immediately after their tennis match they hit the bathroom after setting up a Gay Cam ready to record the action. Trenton is actually all alone, his cock is truly rock solid, so he masturbates, however Adam is observing him from a distance. He can’t delay getting his hands on Trenton, now Adam provides a bit of support to finger his solid ass. Soon, Adam is slurping his buddy’s ass he then bangs the hell out of Trenton. They flip and Trenton gets on and he hammer Adam’s gap up until he blasts all over his fit abs.

Jizz Orgy: Pool Party with Philip Aubrey, Adam Killian, Jessie Colter, Trenton Ducati and Hans Berlin

You’re hererby invited to the hottest pool party you have ever been to. Jizz Orgy has simply issued a very blistering episode called “Pool Party” starring Trenton Ducati, Adam Killian, Jessie Colter, Phillip Aubrey and Hans Berlin. Phillip and Jessie the supreme king bottoms get fucked by 3 hung tops and they can’t stop praying for more because they’re in real need to be fucked hard outdoors in the sun.
5 powerful studs assemble for a pool party that leads to an unavoidable outdoors orgy. Philip Aubrey, Jessie Colter and versatile Hans Berlin give up their asses to Adam Killian And Trenton Ducati.

Drill My Hole with Adam Killian and Jessie Colter

A Furious Adam Killian screams from inside his recently purchased red four wheeler. Today Adam has been staring at his cellphone in unbelief, picture after picture of his stupid boyfriend with every dick in his mouth other than his standing right back at him. Adam rushes over to present his slut boyfriend, still not quite sure what he’s going to do – he’s in a fury and it could well get physical.
He reaches the cheaters home requiring replies. Adam shows off his phone carrying the pictures to the doorway security camera while banging on the front door, ‘OPEN THE DOOR. I KNOW WHAT YOU DID’. Jessie Colter knows he is in a huge hassle – Adam has discovered what a slut he is, but for now he is safe, the front door is locked – but is the back patio door? Jessie runs to the back of the house and tries to close the door but he is too late.
Now face-fucking Jessie on the soil Adam gets up and quickly squeezes his filthy hole in Jessie’s cute face requiring a complete cleaning of this cheating slut. Adam jumbles Jessie on his glorious ass as what appears like a hour, getting up he spits in Jessie’s face, throws him on the bed, and violently tears off his pants.

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In face of the tremendous hearth, muscle porn stars Angelo Marconi and Adam Killian fan the flames by their unquenched hope. Ripped inked Adam Killian takes suntanned nasty carved stud Angelo from behind…bringing in Angelo’s ass to Adam’s hard cock. Adam pumps his cock wild and firm, extending and sating Angelo’s hole. The 2 hot men forgets eachother in their fucking….as they go from one fuck position to a different and lastly work themselves into the hysteria by orgasm for hot seed signals their satisfaction.