Jun 28 2013

Adam Killian with Trenton Ducati

Pornstar studs Adam Killian and Trenton Ducati bang one another within the most recent Str8 To Gay online video “A Ring On My Finger“. Trenton is simply not just enthusiastic about his girl friend…he attempted to get her to put a finger or two in his tight butt, but she actually is definitely not prepared to try something totally new. After Trenton informs this to his gay partner, Adam says “Occasionally it’s sweet to be gay”. Immediately after their tennis match they hit the bathroom after setting up a Gay Cam ready to record the action. Trenton is actually all alone, his cock is truly rock solid, so he masturbates, however Adam is observing him from a distance. He can’t delay getting his hands on Trenton, now Adam provides a bit of support to finger his solid ass. Soon, Adam is slurping his buddy’s ass he then bangs the hell out of Trenton. They flip and Trenton gets on and he hammer Adam’s gap up until he blasts all over his fit abs.

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